• DecuGamer

    Hi guys!

    Many of you for sure thought what armors are better: with high defense, attack or balanced? Answer for this question is more important than you think. Today I'm gonna present you what kind of armors is better: unbalanced, pretty balanced, or perfectly balanced. For unbalanced armors im gonna make which is better, too: attack or defense.

    Okay, but how to check it? Well, the best method is to simulate battles versus armors which have the same sumarized stats and the same elemental advanatage. I will say all of them counters one element of enemy, so we will have simplier math (* 1 Advantage Factor). Let's get started!

    To make this math even simplier, I choosed one numer for sumarized stats: 2500. Why? Because it will be very easy to cal…

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  • DecuGamer

    Hi guys!

    You remember part one, right? Now you see second part. I'll talk about Arena and Adventure fights here, and about calculating enemy stats with some informations, too. So let's get started!

    First, the formula:

    Our attack ~= (2,4*level) * (A/ED) * ADV

    • A = Our attack
    • ED = Enemy's defence
    • ADV = Advantage factor:
      • no elements advantage = 0.(6)
      • 1 element advantage = 1
      • 2 elements advantage = 1.(3)

    As you can notice, formula is the same like on Epic Boss.

    Now, let's talk about adventure enemies. I don't know their level, I need to test it, but for now i believe it's 1. I don't know it's changing with time or no, too. I just need to test it.

    But, if we have enemy's attack on us, our attack on him, his and our levels, and our stats, we can calculate his…

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  • DecuGamer


    Hi guys!

    Math in K&D can be very useful, for example for simulating battles, for calculating plus stats of Epic Boss armor. Today I want to explain how to do this, and show you some useful formulas. So let's get started!

    Many people are asking others how they calculate Epic Boss armor plus stats. Now I show you how to do this.

    1. Take regular base stats (in this example normal attack of Aegis of the Wyvern (369))

    2. Add 45 to attack stat (45 because Gree is always adding some like 40-50 stat to plus)


    3. Take plus max stats and substract stats from point 2. from max stats.


    4. Divide point 3. stats by 69 (69 because stats in…

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